Fliteboard Ultra L

What do you think about the Fliteboard Ultra L? 22.5 kg is impressive. Unfortunately we don’t have waves here in my area, but I guess it will be perfect for that.

Hi @Jetsurfingnation , when will we see your test ride video?

It seems great , can’t wait to try it in summer when it gets here!

The golden colors look amazing and the jet option is a game changer! Hopefully to see foldy prop coming in future as well!

P.S. Not sure if I agree about removing the handles. I don’t understand how to carry the efoil without them and I doubt they were really adding any weight. I hope they will bring them back in Ultra 2024 ?

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I have carried one a few times, now that they are well under 30kg it’s pretty easy to throw over you shoulder so the straps are not necessary :wink:

22.5 kg is verry impressive, but is this with or without the battery, and if with, what size?

My dad and I have build our own eFoil, and managed to get it just below 30 kg
That is WITH the 14kg battery (2 kWh EV battery) in it.

I guess we could have done with one layer of Aramid less and saved maybe 1 kg.

The mast (65cm), fuselage, front, back wing (all Gong) and motor (Flipsky 120kv) and prop (FR) weight is just over 8 kg. (could save some weight when using a carbon mast)

However. We will never be able to reach the 22.5 kg!

22.5 kg is very impressive for efoil. It’s including battery (NANO!)

P.s. With that being said I am now riding foildrive setup which is 13kg :rofl:

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Yes, including the Nano battery which has 6,2 kg.

Hi @Jetsurfingnation what is the weight of the foil assist including cables and battery?

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So the setup of the Fliteboard Ultra L is without the battery 16.3 kg.
Our DIY is without the battery 16 kg.
I can live with this :slight_smile:
@ Mike… But can you eFoil (powered) for over 2 hours with your 13kg setup?
So no cheating with stealing waves :slight_smile:

** EDIT. I was just reading about the battery’s
The Explore** - 2.1 kW - 14.5 kg comes close to what I have in my 30kg DIY build.

  • Fliteboard Ultra L is without the battery 16.3 kg
  • Explore** - 2.1 kW - 14.5 kg
    Total weight: 30.8 kg

I WIN with the weight of the board :slight_smile:
My DIY is just below the 30 kg

No need for me to build another board now

You can’t efoil for 2 hours with Fliteboard Ultra L and Nano battery either. Maybe best 40 mins if you don’t use jet, with jet probably less. But to be honest the point of light weight only matters for the waves. If we talk of long efoiling on the lake then I guess the weight does not matter much and more important long battery life !

So true Mike.
However. Carrying to / from the lake is also nice when the board is light weighted.
I live next to the lake, and all I need to do is carry it to the end of the garden to get into the water.

Last season I used an inflatable board.

The board itself was nice and light, but the box holding the battery (14kg) needed a strong (and in this case heavy) bottom and lid. It’s needed to get the board nice and stiff.
All this made the inflatable board really heavy (almost 40kg!)
Carrying it was a pain in the a$$, and it was even hurting sometimes.
Removing the battery made it a little bit easer to carry, but still. It was no fun.

Also. I did get hit one time by the mast when I was riding the heavy board. This was painful!
I think that if the board is lighter, it will hurt less :slight_smile:

I dont remember exact weight separately of each element but i think it’s listed on their website. maybe 3.5kg… for me most important ALL weight together (Battery+Assist and motor + mast and wings and board, so all together) is 12.6kg

However we cant be comparing elite Efoil like Fliteboard Ultra L and foil assist.
Foil assist requires user to have his own gear to get started. While Fliteboard is a full package, ready to go! nothing to configure and install! FUN From the box!

It’s an Awesome board. So much better than the Pro (which is a great board, don’t get me wrong!).
Handles are not necessary. It’s easy to carry and easy to flip in the water without the handles. Handles are kind of pointless on the Ultra because you are not holding on at that point - ever.

It’s actually not difficult to carry the Ultra without handles. Just put it on a shoulder, with the prop facing front or back.
When coming out of the water, put it on your shoulder when the board is right side up, then walk out with it. Don’t try to flip it over at the shore.

Disagree. Light weight allows agility, even on flat water. Feels more like riding on air vs a heavy board.