Flitescooter or Hydrofoiler?

Fliteboard just introduced the Flitescooter. An eFoil with handlebar as we have seen with the Hydroflyer:

What do you think about this new trend?

Not sure if it is for me, but interesting, Here is the video:

Flitescooter is more family friendly, it’s HUGE and inflatable.

Hydroflyer is made for guys who want to jump, it’s rigit

Both are “think outside of the box” concepts so lets see how they get adopted by the public.

Not for real Foilers obviously, but a new concept/product to open up more markets-sales and introduce more people, (families, Resorts Beach hire business etc). I think the price will limit sales as the days of the premium price product are limited. As a Fliteboard owner since 2019 I now see a number of different Efoil brands on the water that are performing well @ 1/2 the price of Fliteboard.
Time will tell.