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Fly Out of Isolation

We hope it won’t be long until you can enjoy the outdoors again. And the only thing better than Fliteboarding, is Fliteboarding with a friend.

Fliteboard has a great offer right now: Refer Fliteboard to your friends, and receive a complimentary Flyer or Cruiser Wing to enhance your riding experience. Your friend who buys a Fliteboard will receive a voucher for two free Fliteschool lessons at a Fliteschool of his choice, for example our Fliteschool in Laboe in Northern Germany.

If you already have both wings, you can get a credit voucher for your next purchase from Fliteboard. And if your friend does not need or want the Fliteschool lessons, he can get a free upgrade from the Sport to the Explorer Battery instead.

And to top it all, the first 10 referral deals also get free shipping (for mainland Europe).

If you are a Fliteboard owner, or want to become one, and want to take advantage of this deal, contact us at [email protected].

All the best,