Foil assist AMP Jet by Fliteboard (FLITElab)

Fliteboard is planning different foil assist solutions, such like AMP Jet and AMP Mast.

What is AMP Jet?

AMP Jet is a self-contained and removable cartridge, delivering optimal power for prone foilers, wingers, and downwind enthusiasts, to get up and riding with ease regardless of the conditions. Strategic placement of the AMP Jet ensures there’s no added drag, maintaining the board’s performance integrity throughout the entirety of the ride.

Does AMP Jet require a remote?

No it does not require a remote, the AMP Board has a built in LAUNCH Pad to control the AMP Jet.

What does the LAUNCH Pad do?

It allows riders to activate the AMP Jet for a power boost, while remaining hands-free. The LAUNCH Pad enables riders to customise the power, strength and timing of the boost, while an intelligent feature monitors rider position, automatically cutting power once up on foil or in the event of a fall. Additionally, the LAUNCH Pad provides real-time session data through a vibrant display and the Flite App.

What is AMP Mast?

Promises the same convenient power at your fingertips, but enables riders the ability to smoothly navigate through waves, power back out to the lineup, and catch the next wave all while standing.

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So good! :wink: Can’t wait to share this with the world!

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The FLITElab promo video. Not much info, but cool moves …

Exciting times indeed.

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Another game changer from Fliteboard! Wow!
I’m sure the competitions’ minds are blown.

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I’m a Lift eFoil owner and love it. The innovation at Fliteboard is undeniable. Spend my time mostly in a Harbor and flat water. Want to branch out into waves, but not safe around surfers because of weight of the board. This might open up a lot of options? Can’t wait for more details. Any opinions on Amp Jet or Amp Mast?

Hey cbarwick

They are definitely different and both have pros and cons. When in comes to Winging and Downwinding I much prefer the Jet. Everything is out the way and you really only need it to get up. With proning I mainly use the Jet but it would really depend on where you prone and what you are after. The jet is great as no one knows you even have it and there is no drag on the mast. If you are away from everyone and a longer break then the mast can be heaps of fun. You also tend to get more waves with the mast as you can hybrid efoil back out. And flat water starts are so much easier on the mast.

Cheers, Chris