Foil new efoil from usa?

Ive had a really bad experience with this board. I went with the extended range battery and Im only getting 55 minutes. That is with a 180lb rider on the foil 75% of the time. Battery has been a nightmare that has needed to go back several times. 2 controller failures. Board died in the middle of the SF bay with 70% battery. Im typically cool with playing QA especially with new companies/poducts, but after several issues, the CEO has insinuated in public forums that this is my fault. Shipping it back and forth from California to Florida and NY combined with shipping partner screwups has made this a really bad investment. Over $9k…Id definitely go with one of the more established companies who know how to properly QA and support their products

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carbon fiber most certainly does scratch

More sad tails of trying to get into this cheap(er) :frowning:
These are not that simple a device.

This sounds much like what happened when Waydoo did deliver.

Real shame what’s happening to lake Powell :frowning:

Lol dude this is made in china and put together in the US :call_me_hand:

They are a relatively new start up as well… lots of funding is backing up this project though

#FOIL 2023 NEW Models and Updates :star2: NEW Efoil

Today we are traveling to iconic Page, Arizona, USA to test new FOIL efoil - New 2023 Models and Updates. The new sport of Electric hydrofoils or efoils in short are taking over the world of watersports and today we meet Jeremy who is going to share with us his review of a new efoil from called FOIL.

Recorded with the kind help of Jeremy Byrom from @eFoilLakePowell for JetSurfingNation.

wow and very nice
I liked from this

anyone in Europe ever bought one of those? I will be in USA in March, maybe it is worth to test one and maybe bring it to Europe?