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Foil new efoil from usa?

Any thoughts?

Next gen looking design reminds of Tesla Cybertruck :slight_smile:

It is good to have competition. Not sure if I would buy the 1st generation.

Only 1000 units will be built in 2020. 650 of 1000 reservations remain. A fully refundable deposit of $25 is needed to reserve your Foil. Shortly before your Foil is built, you can choose to pay monthly or with one cash payment.

Not sure why it should be the most advanced Foil? Lift is also not using a gear box …

It looks like the Tesla Cybertruck candy so it must be most advanced :wink:

What happened to this company? They were very active after their announcement and now there’s been no news for months.

Too good to be true maybe?

Yes seems pretty dead after November 2019. Probably hit the reality of chinese production and delays, like all other companies and will come back a year later…

Another reason probably all the hype was done to find investors and if they could not secure investors and funding, it just does not go anywhere. It is just too expensive to start mass production.

I would suggest to get a proven board like Fliteboard or Liftfoils and not wait for such companies. It will take YEARS before you can trust big money to someone and it must be several generations of boards to see if they can really stay in business.

Have you guys tried contacting them to set up a test / review? They claimed they’re going to be doing a demo tour at some point.

I think I tried but got no response.

To be fair, I tried again and they responded they are still in business!

I dont plan to go to Florida but if someone from Florida can test it, it will be interesting!

Good luck guys!

What are you talking about? They haven’t shipped any units, they’re delayed until next year.

I would suggest to avoid all companies that are not sure what they are doing and companies asking for any “preorders”. There are more than enough good boards in 2020 that you can buy right away and get shipped in 2-3 weeks so why waste all this time and energy on something that never comes.

What i learned over these years -
It’s a very long way from making 1 prototype that kinda “works” and looks good on video and making a successful company that can ship internationally and do service and repairs.

We don’t really have any options in the US. It’s either Lift or maybe Fliteboard, but I think Fliteboard may take 6+ weeks to arrive since they have no inventory in the US.

Must be thinking of a different company because they’ve never had anything for sale.

No one will believe this without proof. If he’s online you could’ve easily posted a link, but you didn’t. Just another reason to believe this is all made up.