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FS One hydrofoil scooter

Did anyone ever try this one? Or is it even on the market?

  • maximum 30 km/h
  • power 4.2 kW
  • capacity 2.05 kWh
  • driving ~50 min, charging ~110 min
  • including battery pack 29 kg

I dont like this idea… Seems like they took idea of Hobie
Mirage Eclipse

and then added a motor to it?

Mirage Eclipse is a silly looking but family fun workout for legs…

Making it FAST, adding a lot of unnecessary foils will just make it dangerous.

It looks like a disaster to me with all those sharp things underneath and a long metal steering stick on top… Just more things that will bump into you or other swimmers.

Mirage Eclipse is only good because it’s very slow and very very stable. You can’t really flip over as it’s super stable. Making it go at 30 km/h - oh boy…