GOYOJO electric surfboard scam?

You can easily see that majority of fotos are fully stolen from popular brands like jetsurf, awake etc.

Beware and only order legit brands!

Also this one is poorly fotoshopped stolen foto from Awake

It’s bad not just because it is foto copyright infridgement. It’s even worse because the brand is unable to test their own product and unable to fotograph their own product in water, it means the quality is so bad they cant even take a good foto of the product before it breaks apart.

Stay away.

The brand replied to me saying they did not know that 3rd part website developer stolen the fotos.

Not knowing the industry and not doing any research is even worse. I quickly checked, the stats they post also all lies, the board you show cant run 65km/h at 80 mins. At best you are getting 20-30 mins and speed is much lower as well.

They start the brand on lies and stolen fotos, that’s not a way to join the market.

The board itself is just two times overprice whitelabel from alibaba scams

Find two differences? (except the price and logo)

A never ending story with these scammers …


They removed scam fotos after my report.

However the stats are still full of lies, for anyone in the industry it’s clear you cant have 80 mins of riding time on electric jetboards, unless your rider has a weight of a chicken.


More realistic calculations:

  1. Rider Weight:
  • The rider weighs 90 kg.
  1. Motor Power:
  • The jetboard has a 15 kW motor with a peak power of 22 kW.
  1. Battery Capacity:
  • The battery has a capacity of 75 Ah.
  1. Energy Consumption and Realistic Riding Time:
  • Heavier riders indeed require more power from the motor, affecting energy consumption.
  • Jetboards with higher power needs also have increased battery cells and better heat management systems.
  • Considering your weight of 90 kg, we’ll assume an even higher power requirement.
  1. Let’s calculate the real riding time more realistically:
  • First, convert the battery capacity from amp-hours (Ah) to watt-hours (Wh):
    • Battery capacity in Wh = Battery capacity in Ah × Voltage (V)
    • Assuming a typical voltage of 48V for electric watercraft:
      • Battery capacity in Wh = 75 Ah × 48 V = 3600 Wh
  1. Adjust the average amp draw for a heavier rider:
  • We’ll assume an average amp draw of 90 A (higher than our previous assumptions).
  1. Calculate the real riding time:
  • Real riding time (minutes) = (Battery capacity in Wh × Battery discharge) / Average amp draw
  • Real riding time = (3600 Wh × 0.8) / 90 A ≈ 32 minutes

Few more lies

Real should be 20-25km max and I doubt even that:

  1. Riding Range Calculation:
  • Riding range (kilometers) = (Battery capacity in Wh × Battery discharge) / Energy consumption per kilometer
  • Assuming an energy consumption of approximately 112 Wh per kilometer (based on the adjusted average amp draw):
    • Riding range ≈ (3600 Wh × 0.8) / 112 Wh ≈ 25.71 kilometers

That is too high and risky voltage for water use and may not be allowed by regulations. Brand leaders use 40-60 V maximum

To conclude all this - Not a scam. Scam is a strong word, so lets avoid using it to the company that does not steal money directly. They may still ship you the board, and the board might still work. However the shady practices they used with stealing fotos, posting fake stats etc tells me that such company will give you hard time in servicing the board providing repairs and refunds.

Even if not scam I would be careful with such new players. So many eFoil and jet-board companies are currently going out of business. Probably not the right time to bet on newcomers.