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Hello from the Land of Oz! New 2022 Race DFI owner!

Hey all,

Just got my 2022 Race DFI, donned my wetsuit, and took it out for a couple of times already in the cool winter waters of Kansas USA - TOTAL Blast.

Any other Midwest JetSurfers out there?

Congratulations and have a fun ride!
What’s 2022 race dfi? Is it same as 2021 or any new features?

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I actually ordered the 2021, but they were out of stock and so the new one was shipped. I believe it is actually the same as the 2021, but I did notice that all the fins are FCS now - butt that could be on the 2021 as well?

Yes my fins are also FCS in 2021. Keep riding, enjoy the board!

Awesome! I love FCS - all my paddleboards use them. Here is some of my newbie winter riding!