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HGLTECH Searover Electric Bodyboard - comments?

HGLTECH,short for Happy+Good+Life Technology.Hope our technology brings you a happy and good life.

We just released Searover electric bodyboard, pls check picture and video for more information.

Electric Boogie Body Board

What do you think about this board?

Tell more details on the stats, video link etc.
The design looks close to seabob shape but what are differences in stats?

You can check out here: All detail of the searover are listed on the website.

I think this video illustrates the product

Personally i did not understand who is the target audience for it. It looks like a slow seabob that can’t dive. Not a diving scooter, not a jetboard… motorised bodyboard maybe?

Good luck with your product and thank you for sharing…

yep,the target audience will be for people that do not know how to swim can enjoy the fun in the water,including children,women,etc.

Who doesn’t know how to swim but goes into the ocean anyway?

The people with life jacket?

Be careful with cheap boards: