How low do you go?

Question about the Efoil batteries?? How much do you usually draw them down to?? I personally don’t like to go less than 20% on my Flitecell,but would like to get feedback from others and see what kind of longevity you have been able to get (how many cycles and how old?)

I am like you. Always leave 15-20%. Fully charged Explorer battery with either Flyer 800 or Flow 1300S I get about 45 min. My weight it 90kg. So 45 min to 1h is enough for a session for me. I ride “hard” with high gears. I charge 60-70% when I come home and then leave it until just before I ride to top up. The battery is new a couple of months.

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I take my Flitecell to 10-15% regularly. I won’t cut my time on the water because I don’t want the batt to go below 20%. It’s not an issue if you recharge to ~40% when you get home. BUT, don’t recharge a warm battery - wait until it cools first. I usually wait a few hours before recharging it.
Optimal storage is 40% charge, not more.
From the manual:
“For long or short term storage of Flitecell, a charge state of 40% is optimal” (1 LED ON indicates 25 - 35% charge — stop charge just as 2nd LED starts flashing). Only fully charge the Flitecell when planning a ride.