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How to charge e-surfboard batteries on the go

Hi, I charge my batteries on the go without a generator. I use my mobile home batteries and yes that’s possible. You just have to have very very big batteries and a huge solar power station. But since you were talking about people charging it on a boat or yacht the possibility the chances that people have that big mobile homes or truck should be on your perspective as well. Sure you can’t use normal 100ah batteries like in standard caravans, but it’s not unusual to have 800 ah or even more and 1000 watt of solar power in an expidition truck.

Hi @Dustin_von_Wolfhem,

Thanks a lot for your feedback related to the article:

It seems you have a big truck :wink: May be the size of a boat? If you don’t mind, maybe you can send pictures of the truck and even more important from the battery? Do you need any additional electronics?

I tried to find 800 Ah batteries on the web, but they seem to be rare? May be you have a link?


And I use 3 Varta 12V 210Ah AGM Deep Cycle with 1000 watt solar panels (9x110) on the roof with an inverter (that one has to be strong, but I don’t remember the name). You don’t need the very big size batteries they are really rare. You can combine smaller ones

Nice! Thanks for sharing!