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How to ride a Jetboard (by Awake Boards)

Awake Boards just brought out a couple of videos to explain how to ride a Jetboard. I think it translates well for other Jetboards as well, so it is worthwhile to share and discuss.

Video No. 1: Getting started

  • Make sure the batteries of your board AND of the hand controller are charged
  • Connect your smart phone app (if available) to adjust the Jetboard settings
  • Install the foot straps (if available and desired)
  • Insert the main battery (make sure the connectors are dry)
  • Only connect the kill switch if you want to run the engine
  • insert the fins of your Jetboard

Video No. 2: Water start

  • Go into the water
  • Lay on the Jetboard
  • Connect the kill switch
  • Press the trigger of your hand controller
  • Reach a steady speed
  • Go on your knees
  • Go faster to stabilize the board
  • Stand up
  • If you fall, fall to the side or back (not the front as the board might hit you)

Video No. 3: Riding position

  • If you prefer your right leg in the front you are a goofy rider
  • If it is your left leg, you are a regular rider (Don’t worry what you are - it is 50/50 ;-))
  • Have a wide stand to increase control
  • Don’t put too much weight on the back leg
  • To run fast and keep control put your weight on the front foot
  • For sharper turns put more weight on your back foot

Video No. 4: Dock start

  • Find a dock which has the right height
  • Put more weight on your back leg before you start
  • put more weight on your front leg once you pulled the trigger

Video No. 5: Full speed

  • Put more weight on your front leg
  • Push the trigger of your Jetboard hand controller
  • High speed riding is easier with foot straps

Video No. 6: Beach start

  • The water should be at least knee deep
  • If the water is not deep enough your jet may soak sand or stones and might get damaged
  • Put your back foot on the je-tboard
  • Put your hand on the front of your Jetboard
  • Pull the trigger and put your front foot on the Jet Board
  • This works with our without foot straps
  • If you have foot straps the feet should go right away in the foot straps