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How to ride the eFoil 4'4 pro model

Nick Leason showing how to get to the next level. Amazing …

This is awesome …

These guys from @Lift are really rocking. So many companies are currently trying to copy their success, but “hey” the eFoil is the original and I haven’t seen any bad review about them. I would love to have one, but still trying to save the money for it.

Thumbs up for Lift!

For me there are currently only 2 eFoil brands where I would trust to make the investment at this time. @Lift-Foils-Europe and @Flite. At the same time they are the most expensive and I understand people are looking for cheaper alternatives.

But history (even if short for electric surfboards) has shown that you “get what you pay for”.

Lift Foils and Flite are not charging so much because they want to rip you off. They spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars to develop a safe and reliable product.

Many companies are trying to copy them and until they can show some real innovations they can only compete by price. Competing by price means making compromises to bring the price down.

The obvious one is quality and reliability. But even more important is “SAFETY”. A “BMS” (battery management) is so important to safe property and life, but you cannot market it in anyway. Nor can you really describe it. But it is really important and only companies who want to build a business for decades rather than just surfing a wave can invest in it.

I like competition and I really hope some of the new players can prove that they deliver the same quality and safety for a better price. But for now I stay with my 2 @Lift Foils boards and wait that somebody proves me that he can offer more for the same price or the same for a better price. I have seen most of the e-foils and did ride half a dozen of them. So far no one was able to beat my current eFoils.