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Hydroflyer eFoil with handlebar by Unifoil

The Hydroflyer handlebar shall lead to more control and faster speeds. The product from the company Unifoil out of South Africa wants to open pre-orders at May 2nd 2021. Price is supposed to be 14,000 USD.

Carbon fibre body with a runt time of 2 hours and a maximum speed of 35 mph or 56 km/h. Charging time 120 minutes. It is supposed to fly from 4 knots or 7.4 km/h.

Pre order at:

Sounds interesting but you did not mention most critical - the size and weight. This thing looks really huge, long, with a lot of volume. The huge control bar must add extra 15 kg as well? 75kg foil that won’t fit any car? I have my doubts. For me most critical is having a small and lightweight efoil that fits in the car.

foto how it looks inside

Also it looks like they have a version without that handle bar
which also looks MASSIVE (foto from their instagram)

I couldn’t find any additional info yet. Maybe when their website launches for pre-order in 3 days.

I found only two more pictures:

Reminds me of this but for lazy rich people who don’t want to peddle lol
It needs a chair also

Current Delivery Time: 20 Weeks

120 Min


55 Km/H


40 Km


3 Hours


29 Kg


29 KG is a weight of the SMALLEST Lift3 or Fliteboard ULTRA.

There is NO WAY this giant board together with the handlebar and battery weights 29kg

My wild guess would be 29kg board + 14 kg battery + 10 kg Foil + 10 kg Handle bar would be more honest weight.

I would not recommend ordering until tested by 3rd party testers.

The weight time promised 20 month which is nearly 5 months.

Please get us one and test it!

That is old fashioned… wait until is comming :heart_eyes: