Hydroflyer Efoil

I am very intrigued by the Hydroflyer and am curious if anyone on the forum has purchased one. If so how do they compare to the Fliteboard or Lift. Hydroflyer is coming out with a smaller board in the spring and that may be the ideal board to learn on and progress to efoiling with no stalk and handlebars.


I’m not a fan of handles at all. The Flite Scooter is a completely different product, more of a jetski replacement or a boat runabout replacement.
The point of eFoiling is to be on as small a board as possible that is nimble and light.
Unless you have mobility issues, I would skip the handlebar based boards, unless you’re looking for an efficient way to get from A to B.
Learning curve for eFoiling is quite fast. I’m not that athletic and never did windsurfing, surfing, or kite-surfing and within one lesson I was foiling on a Pro. A dozen rides later I was foiling on a Fliteboard Ultra.

In general you want a bigger board for learning when you are on the water most of the time. When you get good and are flying most of the time, THEN you want a smaller board that’s easier to maneuver. The handle would be helpful for learning for sure, not so much later.

Thanks for the replies. My thoughts as well MLB. I feel that if I purchased the smaller board everyone would be able to learn quickly with the handlebars, then they would have the option to remove or not.


I think handlebar efoils are good choice if you do rentals and lessons.

For personal use I dont see any point in having a big massive board with handlebars, it will get boring quickly. Get the smallest one for personal use, you will progress pretty fast and they are easy to learn.