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Hydrofoil e-Jetski – Flyway

The hydrofoil e-Jetski Flyway is a new project by David Vukovič , who has already launched custom made eFoils and electric hydrofoil accessories under the name Flying Rodeo.

In Deutsch:

Thank you for sharing… David is very innovative, looking forward to try it. My only concern how can a person carry such a huge bulky thing to the water? it will probably not fit a car even?

well it is not that heavy as it looks like and you can dismantle the foil (mast, wings a.s.o) But yes it is shure not as easy to carry as an efoil…and not every surfer/ foiler will like it…But it is easier to handle and to jump therefore a wider range of people will use it…

They are experimenting with colors, but still no additional technical specs …