iAQUA X-Jet™ Xtreme Jet Board

No trade show without new Jet Surfboard brands. How many brands do we need?

● Unparalleled Material Quality: Crafted from 100% carbon fibre
● Adaptable Power Levels: Four distinct modes - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert.
● Unmatched Power: Boasting a 20kW Jet Drive, outperforming competitors like Awake Ravik3 (11kW) and Jetsurf Electric (11kW).
● Superior Battery Life: High-capacity 3,670kW battery, surpassing Awake Ravik 3 (1,900kW) and Jetsurf Electric (3,000kW).
● Extended Usage Time: Enjoy 45 to 90 minutes of surf time, significantly more than other models.
● Record-Breaking Speed: Achieve a maximum of 68kph.
● Advanced Hydrodynamics: Optimal performance and stability in water.
● Safe Lithium Battery Technology: Protected by LithiumVault™
● Reassuring Warranty: 2-year worldwide coverage.

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