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Jet board import and distribution what I choose

Hi guys I am interested to import and distribute the jet boards to my country,can you suggest some good brands,electric or petrol,I live in an island in Europe so I need them for sea Thank you

Well, there many choices and some are not available yet:


But I personally would probably go for 2 models:

  1. For the extreme adrenaline junkie the petrol powered http://www.jetsurf.com

  2. The very flexible 2018 Lampuga Air: http://www.lampuga.de



Lots of choices for high speed. If you want some regular boards for slower speeds, you can add a Scubajet to any regular SUP. www.scubajet.com

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Look at the Homepage of CURF http://www.curf.surf/

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I think there are 3 interesting electric surfboard at the moment which should be looked at more exactly: besides Lampurga and Radinn there is CURF. It does’t n ot only push you up to a speed of 61 km/h, CURF even pushes two persons whether they are on the board or pulled behind by wakeboard or waterring. Incorporating a 16 kW engine, riders are propelled forward with a thrust of 90kg and a max weight of 140kg.
That means fun for two at the same time!

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