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Jet noise(s) comparison?

I wonder if there’s some videos out there without the music at high volume that avoids to hear the jet boards actual noise.
If you have any link to interesting videos that actually shows different boards and their noises, I’d be grateful.
I know also that there’s 2 kind of boards, jet and propellers and propellers and quieter. However I never ever had the chance to listen and compare their noises.
That will help me to choose the right board . I’ll go to a quite lake to practice and I do not want to get spoiled by the neighbors‼
Thanks by advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Gabriel_Zen,

This is an excellent question. I put a video together comparing the Onean Carver (jet), the Waterwolf (propeller) from @waterwolf and an E-Foil from @pacificmeister.

I was surprised that the Waterwolf was even beating the E-Foil, but this is probably because of the much smaller propeller with much higher RPM (rotations per minute).

I would like to add that every jetboard creates more noise than propeller engines. So this is not about the Carver, it is about all Jetboards.

In exchange the jet powered boards are safer. A propeller has certain risks.

And compared to the Jetsurf and Mako petrol powered jetboards the electric jetboards are much less noisy.


The petrol boards are much more noisy.

With electric boards noise is not even an issue guys. The efoil must be almost silent even :slight_smile:

However when I go jetsurfing i am far enough so from the beach my jetsurf is completely silent, so many people ask if it’s electric and how it even moves. Also the helmet and wind blocks a lot of noise.

Thanks! I’m glad I didn’t rushed into the Onean! So noisy !!
Waterwolf seems ok, but does the sequence right after with camera on the board is Waterwolf again or Onean?
E-Foil is not my cup of tea but it is silent, tho :slight_smile:

Hi, if the electric drive contains a gearbox, it can be very noisy. The noise can also cause the propeller or impeller to be well balanced. If the propeller or impeller has a low efficiency, it can also cause a lot of noise.

Conclusion: In order for the electric drive to have a low noise, it must not contain a gearbox, the propeller or the impeller must be perfectly balanced and have a high efficiency.

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Hi @Gabriel_Zen, the shot right after the GoPro mounted on the Carver is the Waterwolf again (blue board).

It’s not true, onean is not noisy at all comparing to other boards, and i tried almost all of them. The only reason waterwolf is less noisy is that motor is underwater in the prop engine and some of the noise is blocked by water. all other boards are same or more noisy as onean.

Also remember all the boards are much more noisy on the beach out of water and less noisy during actual riding.

Ok yes thank you …However surfing on a calm lake transports the sounds all around. It is even more noisier when it is a quite place, this nice lake where there’s almost no motors on it, a protected environment. This is why I’m asking that actually as I’m planning to not surf on the sea actually but on that specific lake. As you may know, the sound travels over water and if I get a board, I need it the quietest as possible to avoid having the people in the chalets around the lake calling the police because a weird thing happens almost every weekends :stuck_out_tongue: That would ruin my fun and cost me a lot of money for nothing if I could not surf there. I’m not having a chalet there actually, too bad for me…And that’s the closest place for me to enjoy board surfing quite ‘safely’ .

Probably you might want to consider also other factors not just noise… The least noisy would be SUP with a electro fin like Blue-fin aquamarina i guess and similar to SupJET but they are very very slow. The faster the board the more noise they make.

Hi, how do you classify the solution used in the picture attached? Should this be a jet? It seems that the propeller will be underwater so it should be a little less noisy.

Yes, it’s very interesting jet propulsion. The hydrodynamic properties of the drive can be very good (and less noisy) because the nozzle is more submerged. And if the impeller blades have a high surface quality (e.g., such as, the noise will be even lower. For the noise to be very low, the impeller blades must have the correct shape.