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Jetboard big wave surfing

It is already from 2013, but pretty interesting.

When will the electric surfboards ready for this? May be ESURF?

Earlier this year in Portugal:

Esurf can be ready for this next year as well. I already tested it in the small waves and it handles chop very well, even better than jetsurf. We will be also able to duck dive under wave, that is something we can never do with a petrol board else you flood it.

Big wave riding though is no joke. It requires skill, knowledge and respect of the ocean and local place.

When we did it with Jeff we did not just come out from nowhere into the most dangerous spot of the world. We had to hire local rescue team that followed us on Jetski and the boat, helping pick the right waves and ready to save if something goes wrong. It’s a real life danger.

I would not suggest anyone going into big waves. Jetboard gives you false sense of superiority letting you go where normal surfer cant paddle. However if it breaks or you wipe out badly, you are left alone with the nature you are not ready to fathom…

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No worries, I won’t try it :wink:

But, I would love to see it once live …

If you search McNamara worst wipeout at Jaws , you’ll find this …

As he begins to fall off the wave, you’ll notice his board spinning through the air. You can see on the bottom, an oval shaped white patch on the bottom. This is the power pod of a WaveJet, an early electric surfboard, and this wipeout gives good caution about using power going into monster waves. Watch and learn…

Ok we shall try scubajet at Jaws! Great idea Steve :slight_smile:

Mike you pointed it out 150% right. Just that we have the tech doesn’t give us the skills AND the right handling his stuff. No matter what kind of propelled board we would use! My girlfriend called me nuts when I mentioned to give one of our Carvers a reshape and take it to the big ones :wink:

Another one with Kai Lenny:

Very cool, but also scary …