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Jetboards vs Efoils?

It would be interesting to start a discussion, what is better Jetboards or Efoils?

Have you tried both? What feeling is better for you? Pros and cons?


I think this is like asking do you prefer ski or snowboard. It really depends on the person. Both is a lot of fun.

I am lucky to have both. I had a Waterwolf and a Loawai, both were fun, but the Waterwolf was leaking power.

Now I own a Jetsurf Electric, a 2020 Lampuga Air and 2 Lift eFoils (Sport & Cruiser). I love all boards, but my personal favorite are the eFoils, because:

  1. I can use the eFoils on a lake directly next to my house. With the Jetboards I have to go outside the city, because they are louder, create waves and are usually too fast.

  2. 30 minutes runtime versus 90 minutes with an eFoil. That’s a game-changer.

  3. Zero maintenance with an eFoil. I don’t even have to charge the remote.

  4. I just love to cruise through the city (and honestly love to get the attention you get with an eFoil). Not many people have seen such a flying surfboard.

Just my 2 cents

Well done, great feedback!

I would say I am completely opposite. For me to go efoil I need to drive 200km to the lake, while ocean is 2 minutes away for jetboarding.

This just says that it’s all about what you can use and where.

Why can’t you use the eFoil in the ocean?

You can… but ocean is different…
it can be:

(perfect for efoil)

or it can be like this

(where i live, super strong wings and rough sea, not for efoils)

In my opinion - For efoils ideally is smooth conditions, minimal wind. On a windy and choppy day of course you can still go but it is not enjoyable experience more like a struggle. That’s why in all promos we always see perfect flat or ideally smooth waves.

As for jetboards, they are less affected by wind because you are on the surface, so you are much more stable.

I’ve build my own electric jet board (with 2 jets), and now I’m building a new one.

The lake I ride on has in the summer a lot a pond weed, making it impossible to do any kind of foiling.

Even big boats get stuck in the weeds.

My jet board has no problems what so ever with the weeds.

Also. I think that I can carve turns way more radical with my jet board than a foil can.

However. After the 2nd jet build I will try to build a electric foiling board… Just for the fun.

That’s a great point about the weed in the lake. However in the ocean i see opposite experience. There is always a lot of trash floating on the surface (old fisherman net remains, seaweed, plastic bags, sticks etc - much more than we realize) and jetboard acts like a vacuum cleaner, sucking all this crap inside the propeller every single time… If small seaweed is usually ok, it goes cut and goes through easily, but the fisherman net remains, ropes and worst plastic bags get wrapped around propeller and kill the torque instantly, resulting in a faceplant…

With efoil the propeller is not a jet, so it is not sucking anything inside + it is UNDER the level of the water so there is always less crap there.

However underwater logs and ropes and nets are a very big issue for a efoil. I hit couple of times and you fly away instantly.