Jetfly JF08/JF09(Carb/EFI) Jet Surfboard from China

They are $4.5K / $5K USD in China.

Specs from:

  • Dimensions (LengthWidthHeight): 1800/600/150mm
  • Surfboard Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 20KG
  • Engine Type: 2-stroke water-cooled engine
  • Water Displacement: 110CC
  • Rated Power: 10.2KW/8200rpm
  • Rated Running Speed: 8000rpm
  • Peak Speed: 62km/h
  • Compression Ratio: 13:1
  • Bore*Stroke: 53*50cm
  • Starter Type: Electric
  • Fuel: Unleaded gasoline #95 or above
  • Fuel Mixing Ratio: 50:1
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.5L
  • Recommended Lubricant: Full Synthetic 2T Lubricant
  • Ignition: EFI Ignition
  • Spark Plug: NGK BPR7HIX
  • Minimum Water Depth: 60CM
  • Maximum Load Weight: 120KG

JF09 is constructed from lightweight and durable carbon fiber, is equipped with a powerful 2-stroke water-cooled engine. It offers impressive performance with a peak speed of 62km/h while maintaining fuel efficiency. The EFI ignition system ensures smooth operation, and it’s suitable for water depths of at least 60cm, supporting a maximum load weight of 120KG.

  1. Board Design
  • Enhanced Fluid Dynamics: Designed for better water surface adherence, enabling smoother and faster maneuvers, including sharp turns and spins.
  1. Board Material
  • Japanese TORAY Carbon Fiber: Utilizing Japanese TORAY carbon fiber for increased durability and a more aesthetically pleasing finish.
  1. Reinforcement Design
  • Enhanced Load-Bearing Structure: Overall reinforcement to boost the board’s load-bearing capacity while maintaining an attractive appearance.
  1. Fuel Tank
  • Ultra-Thick Explosion-Proof Fuel Tank: Prioritizing safety with an exceptionally thick, explosion-proof fuel tank.
  1. Speed Limiter
  • Self-Adjustable Speed Limiter: Allows for independent speed regulation and protection.
  1. Internal Design
  • Water and Air Separation Design: Incorporates two drainage systems for efficient water and air separation.
  1. Integrated Drainage Switch
  • Combined Drainage and Signal Light Integration for streamlined functionality.
  1. Fuel Ratio
  • 50:1 Fuel Mixture for fuel efficiency.
  1. Shaft
  • Titanium Alloy, Imported Material: Utilizing imported titanium alloy for extended lifespan and durability.
  1. Tail Fin Configuration
  • Quick-Detach Main and Side Fins with Multi-Angle and Position Adjustment for increased stability and agility.
  1. Hydrofoil
  • Additional Hydrofoil for enhanced turning power.
  1. Binding System
  • Unique Binding System with ±25mm Front and Rear Adjustment and ±15-degree Angle Adjustment.
  1. Fuel Injector
  • ECU Controlled for Fuel Efficiency (-15% to -25%) and Complies with EU Emission Standards.

Another whitelabel of alibaba generic board?

somehow 2000 usd alibaba board:


magically becomes 10k ? Beware!


Unfortunately, I read the reviews and they were not good.

Do you have a link? I can not find any reviews online.
I have contacted a guy who is riding JF08 for almoust a year. He said there were no major problems and he is now buying new 09.

Shenzhen Tianyun Geek Technology Co., Ltd. are the owners of Jetfly brand.
2000 is not an actual price. They are sold at around 5500 USD in China for JF02.
I have seen electric JF02’s in rentals this year, along with some generic 12KW chinease boards.

if the price is 5500 why are you listing it as 2000 in one place and 9341 eur which is 10,171.23 United States Dollar in other places, that’s ridiculous discrepancies that don’t add trust to your company. Please dont say 2000 does not include shipping and with shipping it is 10,171 lol

I have found Taobao shop offering spare parts for the new 09 boards.
Some examples: Impeller assy with shaft and housing $350; Wire harness $60; Tube $200; Titanium Exhaust assy $650; Starter $60;

Aslo they replied me on alibaba: price for 1pcs JF09 is 36800CNY ($5075USD) plus shipping.

Thare are actually two versions of the Jetfly EFI boards. It was not clear what is the differences, but I have found this chart on taobao:

JF09 has more agressive ECU settings and bigger tank (3.5L vs 2.8L)

Also positive reviews: