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Jetsurf DFI stalling on part throttle - Help!

HI, I’m trying to learn to Jetsurf, but it’s really difficult with my board as it just dies on part throttle. Lying down going full tilt seems fine, but as soon as I slow, the motor dies. Should it run fine at 1/4 throttle? Any advice?

I would suggest to take a lesson from the local dealer/rental place, they will teach you in 15 mins. Most beginners put too little power and it stalls the engine. You have to put a lot of power to get going with such a small board. Don’t be shy, put a helmet and lifevest , lay down and go faster.

I’m not sure there is anywhere local to me? Shropshire, UK?
I can go fast laying down, but no way i could attempt to stand at that speed! It’s crazy fast!

Take it easy you dont have to stand up fast. learn to ride fast laying down, next step on the knees. Once you are comfortable going fast on the knees after 2-3 hours you will have no problem standing up

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Thanks Mike, I appreciate the guidance. I think water in the hull due to too many (failed) deep water starts was causing the engine stalling. Time for another try!

It’s a matter of habit. When you learn to stand confidently on the board, high speed will not be a problem for you.