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Jetsurf Electric coming 2020

CEO Martin Sula explains the final Jetsurf Electric at boot 2020 …

My highlight at boot 2020.

In my opinion, an electric surfboard with optimally designed parameters. Reasonable size, lightweight battery with a large 3kWh capacity and energy density of 0.16667 kWh/kg (for comparison Onean Carver battery has an energy density of 0.10714 kWh kg - so only 2/3 density), sufficient power and solved engine and battery cooling + fast battery recharge as a bonus. Higher but reasonable price.

Booster button is what I really miss at Carver (if I’m on the edge of achieving planning), it would be enough for a few seconds.

Does the surfboard have a T-slot for attaching fins other than FCS II, eg. longboard fins?

Was there any mention of the Jetsurf Hybridfoil at the exhibition?

Thank you Andreas for boot interviews…

I am excited to see that jetsurfing became olympic sport (? did i understand right?) It’s great that Martin got it recognized on such a big level!

Here is the quick test we did of jetsurf electic in summer

Hi @CarverRider,

No mention of a hydrofoil from Jetsurf this year.

Not sure about the T-Slot.


What are the main differences to the ewave? I don’t see kw on their Webseite, I guess it’s 11kw right? Also I don’t see a prize on their website. Around 10k?

I tried both and I think both are pretty good and have similar price also, not sure about KW but speed is pretty much the same. While I still prefer DFI petrol model because it’s much lighter and has almost 3 times longer riding time, I appreciate and expect the battery technology to improve next years. When it reaches at least similar weight/riding time, electric will be the way to go.

The time will tell… I like also ewave idea of the 2-in-one hydrofoil efoil setup+jetboard.