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Jetsurf Electric Motorized Surfboard: Exclusive preview and live riding tests

Today we are joining Martin Šula from Jetsurf and Andreas from E-Surfer Magazine to have a chance to be one of the first to see an exclusive live preview and riding of the new Jetsurf Electric jetboard. With a power close to the real petrol race board, and the low weight of just 25-28kg, the new Jetsurf electric can be a great powerful board for people who can’t use the petrol boards in their lakes and for the winter races in the big pools!

Jetsurf maneuverability is at least about 2 classes better than Carver. I wonder how many kg of Martin Šula weighs. Probably not so much, because even at low speed it does not get too much into the water.

He must be around 80kg same as me. It’s a short board with a handle and a shape made for races, we can’t compare it to the recreational boards made for family fun not for sharp turns and races.

If onean blade comes out eventually it would be similar idea.

you bring up an interesting point about “ride”. This e surfboard industry is so new with new boards coming out all the time. These various boards are called surfboards, but some ride like shortboards and some like longboards. What’s amazing to me is that it was sort of birthed in a landlocked country, the czech republic, and the Jetsurf board grew out of racing on flat water but apparently is also ideal for riding big and small waves. Could you guys start to incorporate ride capabilities of boards in your reviews?

I come from a surf background, but this industry appears to be grounded in riding on flat water. Jetsurf itself is a curious mix of motocross and flat water riding. Its very odd but also fascinating to me. I’m stoked that the Europeans seem to be really driving advances in this industry

I’m probably the only one that uses jetsurf in atlantic regularly here in Portugal, as i dont ride lakes or rivers only the ocean.
My friend Jeff from UK is also only going to the waves, he was riding the biggest waves in Nazare, you can see it in my video

99% of other jetsurfrs are either obsessed with races or living and riding on the flat areas in Florida or don’t make videos. At least I have not seen any decent wave videos from anyone except Brian The Airport, and of course old one by Kai Lenny at Jaws…

I’m excited to see more people riding waves but with respect to old school surfers of course, not on the same spot.

The electric boards - i would not suggest them for the waves, at least the ones that are on the market. They are way too heavy and too fragile and should be used in the flat water else one wrong wipeout will cost you 5k in repairs and take it out of the season… To be good for the waves, electric board should not exceed 25kg and have run time of at least 30 mins, not 10-15 mins in my opinion.
I heard Torque is coming soon, might be interesting. Also some early prototypes from Esurf and Wake look promising, but still a long way to go.

Additionally 2 videos about riding the waves

Electric boards (CARVER)

Petrol boards (Jetsurf)

P.s. since i got into jetsurfing, my both real boards are collecting dust… There is no way back.

you need to post some drone footage of yourself shredding waves in portugal. good point about how the current crop of boards are too delicate to really ride in waves. 2nd half of Brian’s video, where he goes down in the impact zone, was fascinating in and of itself. Nothing more frustrating than watching your board disappear as one wave after another takes it towards the beach after a crash while you are being hammered in the impact zone.

That’s me in the last video with the drone footage…

Yes Brian needs a leash, i guess he realized that after the video. A coiled leash is perfect for jetsurf, it is short and does not get into the jets. I attach it to the back leg, but some racers attach to the front arm.

Yes, I was also impressed how silent the Jetsurf Electric was. Looking forward to the launch next year.

More photos of the prototype: