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JETSURF ELECTRIC ⚡ - Unboxing, Tests, Review and Maintenance tips

JETSURF ELECTRIC :zap: 2021 REVIEW | UNBOXING, TESTS and MAINTENANCE TIPS | :surfing_man:‍ All you need to know

New JETSURF ELECTRIC 2021 :zap: All you need to know.
00:00 - Welcome to electric life: Tesla Model X + Skydio2 drone + Jetsurf Electric jetboard :zap: We rented Tesla to make it happen.
00:40 - Meeting Jetsurf Electric team last year - Zbynek Bures
01:10 - FULL Unboxing of Jetsurf Electric
01:55 - Tips about the beach trolley
03:00 - Unboxing of the jetsurf electric battery box and Jetsurf Tube
03:30 - Starting the board, Power Settings, Boost Mode :muscle:
03:40 - Jetsurf Tube for beginners and kids
04:44 - Ocean wave tests :surfing_man:‍♂
06:20 - Tips for Wave Riders with Jetsurf Electric :ocean:
07:35 - How to get started? - Jetsurf Tube for kids and beginners
08:13 - Flat lake tests of jetsurf electric jetboard
08:30 - Loch Ness Monster attack! :crazy_face:
09:05 - FULL MAINTENANCE tips and tricks - MUST SEE.
11:04 - Full detailed honest review of jetsurf electric
11:59 - What I LOVE about jetsurf electric :heart:
14:00 - What I did not like about it.
15:20 - My personal opinion about jetsurf electric
16:25 - Post credits fun electro show :zap: with Tesla Model X :red_car:

The Drone Shots were filmed with a new SKYDIO 2 Self Following Drone. Full review soon on my channel :+1:

Hi Mike,

Another great video. Well done! Thanks for sharing.

I agree with almost all points.

Looks like your board already got some upgrades compared to my model from April 2020, e.g. the power settings, but I heard it is just a software update which I will get in spring. I heard it will also increase the power. With my version I would disagree that it is the most powerful electric Jetboard. Jetsurf is now also using the same charger that the Lift Foil eFoil is using. It is a great charger. The charger I got is okay.

Again, well done. Keep it going!