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Jetsurf F. A. Q

Each time I go to the beach to jetsurf, I get 2-3 people asking about it. Funny that 100% of the times the questions are the same, so I decided to make a quick funny FAQ.
90% of the people who ask are middle age tourists from Germany and Netherlands.

It’s NOT electric.
That’s the first question, “is it electric?” not sure why, probably it’s Andreas fault of pushing idea that power boards can be only electric :slight_smile:

It lasts for 30-40 minutes on full tank

It’s not heavy. 20 KG with a tank

It can go up to 50km/h but on a clean day with no chop.
Also I think the speed does not matter as much as maneuverability, as nobody really goes straight line full speed. It’s all about carving and turns.

It can break any time, including in the water. That’s why i take a pair of flippers with me in case i need to swim all the way back, just for a peace of mind. (I jetsurf only in the ocean)

It’s not hard to learn but not easy as well. Best analogy is Kite surf. On Kite surf you cant sit or paddle on the board as well.

No I am not from Check Republic! This is really funny assumption that 99% of people have.

No I did not invent it, I just bought it.

Can I ride the waves with it? Yes I can and I do. That’s actually the most fun.

Price? Not it costs little more than 1000 eur. (After this usually the interest goes away instantly)
Not sure why most people assume it must be that cheap. Maybe because it’s small?

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Funny! “How much is it?” is by far the number one question I get asked with any toy I take to the beach.

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:rofl::joy::grin: Yes, it is always my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

Good write up. The questions sound also for me very familiar. I guess most of us have too many of these toys :wink: