Jetsurf sticker removal

Can anybody help me remove the sticker on my 2018 jetsurf the older models decals look horrible and i would prefer just plain carbon fibre

Find local vinyl application shops (they usually put logos on the vans) and ask them

I don’t have a jetsurf, so I can only give my generic approach.

For removing stickers on boats, SUPs, eFoils, etc I normally use a heat gun, set on low. Don’t get Carbon Fiber to hot. Just heat the sticker up for a minute, then peal it off. If you get it to hot it will pull to pieces.

Once you have all the sticker off, then use Acetone to clean up the sticky left behind.

After that I usually re-apply wax, as the Acetone will strip wax. That’s if you wax your board.

Ok thanks and what about wrapping the board with a vinyl sticker