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JOYKA Electric Jet Board from Russia

Looks like new boards popping up from all over the world. This one is from Russia:

And more videos at:

It’s nice to see new teams are taking the challenge.

competition drives innovation :sunglasses:

Here is info on JOYKA
The price of the board, the starting package will be 380,000 rubles. And there plus foot fastenings. Additional battery. TurboCharge. Weight 25-28 kg. The speed is 50 km / h. Engine power 7.99 kW. Battery 48 volts 40 amperes. Skating from 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the style of riding. 5000 eur price

_JOYKA says “_Hello! The characteristics of the surfboard JOYKA translated correctly. I watch your channel, I like your information. At the moment we have made a working prototype, on it we select components. A lot of controllers and motors we burned while in the search stage. Within a month we will post the video of the last version on the channel. While there is no opportunity to test the surf board in Europe, there is an option to test the board in Russia in our city of Samara. in the period from June 15 to July 15 in our city will host 6 games of the World Cup. If there are avid football fans, then we can organize a test on our Volga river.”

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Hi @Jetsurfingnation,

Thanks for sharing. Do they have a website?

No they dont have website and it’s a prototype. If I understood they want to make 25 kg board similar to jetsurf but electric.

They are really great! And what do you think of these look pretty good, but their price is a bit high. Is it worth?