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Krakaboard - Kraka military electric jetboard

The Krakaboard is a military electric surfboard also called stealth jetboard. The inflatable Kraka jetboard shall help soldiers to transport 2 or 4 people with equipment without noise on the water.

The jetboard from Sweden has a 11kW motor and can reach up to 28 km/h. The lithium ion battery pack shall last for 30 to 60 minutes.

Once deflated it can be easily transported by helicopter, boat, car or even submarine. It also can be towed to transport materials up to 1,000 kg.

More infos at: https://www.krakaboard.com

a big lampuga?

btw here is the video

I assume this is a pitch video, not a product demo. It should be called a jet raft or jet Rib… why only 28 mph top speed. I would have thought the navy would want something with lots of speed as well as stealth.

Why they use a battery from Awake and same type of water jet? Are these projects somehow connected?