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Kymera body board - red flags - stay away

kymera now offers surfboards too not just kayaks and bodyboards

Up To 25 MPH Weight 45lbs, Battery 24lbs Battery: 1hr mixed used Dimensions: 96in x 36in x 10in

Is there a distributor in the US. If your stats are accurate that sounds like a competitive price for sure. Good fir y’all .

We had a terrible experience with the Kymera team last week:

Great article.

In fact any jetboard or efoil is a bodyboard for the first 10 mins when you start on the belly but very soon you will want to stand up especially if the water is choppy, bouncing on the belly is a questionable fun.

Fully agree. There are plenty of these cheap offers:

Look the videos how slow they are.

More news on Kymera. What a poor company and guy behind it. They asked Facebook to take down my note. They were claiming copyright infringement without any proof. In fact the picture is showing me on a Loawai Jetboard.

Stay away from Kymera Body Boards!

Facebook 2021-04-03 09-53-52

Also recommended Searover Electric Bodyboard,$2999.

Also recommended to stay away from? LOL

You hit the point, @kian. :rofl: :joy: :crazy_face: