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Lampuga air dead after 2 months storage

I have a lampuga air 2016 was running fine all summer. Charged it complete an put it in the garage beginning September.
Now tried to start it up but nothing is happening. Also if I want to charge it the red light is not working.
When I open the round lid I see the coupling and an usb connector. Also a small bolt with a small red plastic cap cover. How do I restart it??
Help help help


Don’t know how to restart (get batterys allive again).
The manual says : use to battery’s are empty, then load about 30%, and its ready for storage.

As the “old” lampuga company is broken, I am totally interrested in how to fix problems with the old lampuga.
Lampuga as it is now has just info about the new Lampuga’s

rgds Obbe

Hi both,

@bijlaard is correct. The provider of the previous Lampuga boards was a separate company with different technology to Lampuga GmbH. That company is no longer in business but the owners still produce jetboards, but under a different brand. Lampuga GmbH took over the Lampuga brand name in the beginning of this year but the technology has been completely reconstructed. This is why we are unfortunately not able to repair or offer advice on the previous Lampuga boards.

Team Lampuga

Hi Lampuga,
Can you give us the name of the old owners or the company where they produce the jetboards under the different brand ?
As for myselve, i payed a lot of money (€ 7500,-) for my used (old version) lampuga, not knowing there is no service at all anymore.
This means when something breakes down, i have to repair or replace it myselve, could be usefull to buy or get info to keep it working.

thnx in advance
rgds Obbe

Ecurf, but don’t expect much from what I heard. But I could be wrong, good luck and let us know

Hi Obbe,

Yes, that is a shame. Please send us this query to [email protected] and we will provide you with the information you need to get in touch with the old producers.

Team Lampuga