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Lampuga Air engine fail?

Hello everyone,
at 1st thank you for the great work helping people with this great new sport :slight_smile:
I am living near Hamburg/ Germany and do kitesurfing since ´99 but my wife has too much, eh, respect to use kites for water sports.
One day I saw one of mikes Videos and thought to myself ‘well, maybe she likes e-surfing’.
And now, after 1.1/2 years of watching vids and reading articles it is time to practice.
Last weekend we had the chance to ride a onean carver at a local island (Fehmarn) and now I have a chance to get a Lampuga Air with (at least) a defective charger.

My question is:
Are there any known engine issues with this board?
I called the guy who’s selling it and he showed me the engine is making ‘normal’ noise but told me the Charger is not loading any more.
To buy or not to buy? I am not sure what to do :s

All the best,

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Hi Rene,

It sounds like you are referring to an old Lampuga (from the company which went bankrupt in 2017) as the new Lampuga boards are not available yet.

Unless the offer is really cheap (below 2k) and you feel confident to fix some issues on your own I would suggest not to buy it.

There is no warranty for the old Lampuga boards.


Hello Avata,
thanks for your reply.
Yes, the board is an old one:

I better leave it alone :slight_smile:


Hi Rene

How much are they asking for it? I have quite a few of the old Lampuga Airs and I am always looking for spares. Do you mind giving them my email address and telling them I am interested. [email protected]

You will not find anyone willing or able to sell you spares nor will they work on the board for you so when you buy one of these old boards you are on your own. I had a remote break on me and it took me six months of begging and pleading with all my contacts to try and find another one. I have a lady customer who has a fairly newish board with a broken remote and thats it the board is basically now useless and out of action.

If the board runs well and is a good price then it might be worth a risk but a non runner will stay a non runner and is only good for spares.

The chances are its not the charger thats faulty but more than likely the battery itself which will pretty much make that board useless and worthless.

I would recommend that you dont go near it. Its to risky and you will most likely never get it going.

Kind regards


HI @JetBoardLimited,

The Lampuga Gen 1 board is selling on Ebay Classified Germany for a fixed price of 3,500 EUR. If I should reach out for your, please send me an PM.


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Hi Wayne,
I have a good electrician but it’s the same as you: a lot of begging and patience is needed -,.-
So I don’t get it.
It’s nice if Andreas makes the contact. His unbeaten knowledge in Electric surfboards will help a lot. I just can buy it :grinning:
The seller is a friendly guy with a lot of electric ‘toys’ (car, motorcycles, photovoltaic and so on).
You’ll get 2 normal bodies and a rescue body with this board.

All the best,

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This is just small info for who has a lampuga (old type) and broken charger.

We bought for a few weeks on Ebay a lampuga air 2016 model.
Lots of fun, but after a few times charging, the charger broke down internal.
This means, when you plug in the wall socket, the fuse in the house goes down, this means charger makes internely short circuit.
Its not possible to order a new charger at IEB Brilon ( factury)
Its not possible to order a new one at Lampuga (is a new company)
I found a company in the Netherlands who can replace the complete inside (not coolingpart) for 250,- euro. mail: [email protected]
This is not advertising, this is for people who have the same problem.

regards Obbe

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Hello Obbe,

We’re sorry to hear you were experiencing issues with your Lampuga charger.

As you’re aware of, Lampuga is now a new company with different technology to the previous company manufacturing boards under the Lampuga brand name. We are therefore not in a position to repair your charger.

We’re happy to hear you found a soloution to your problem! Hopefully you’ll have no more issues in the future.

Just ride!
Team Lampuga