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Lampuga air s 2017

Brand new unpacked lampuga air s from 2017,i have bought storage unit and found this one brand new and unpacked, however its missing the remote and charger.
Can someone advise where to find it, since they dont produce it for this model anymore.
If not would someone be interested in takin it off my hands, for way below price off course.
All is brand new, but i have no use for it.

Let me know either by mail or phone
My mail is either one on profile or [email protected]

I am new member so can put only 1 picture, you can see engine(carbon fibre) in foil(brand new) below the rubber

Also, if anyone can advise me what would be fair price to ask for it?
Its brand new as seen up, and i found online from motosurf site that its 16000eur, and one broken on ebay for 3500 so really not smart.
Dont wanna rip off someone but also dont wanna rip off myself :joy::joy:
Thanks in advance

This is a tough one. I think it doesn’t make sense for a beginner to buy this, as she/he will have a hard time to get the missing parts.

It probably makes most sense for someone who already has the same model and wants to have spare parts. 16k for the first generation Lampuga is ridiculous. The new version from August 2020 is selling cheaper:

Yes, thats why was confusing, i was planin to sell it for 5500 eur or simmilar, but not sure if its fair price?
For me getting that much would pay for the locker so would be happy with it.