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Lampuga Remote control

we have a Lampuga air, from the first Edition.
Now the Remote control is damaged, the spring inside is broken and it is not possible to open it.

Does anybody has a remote control for sell? or is there any other on the market, which fits to the Lampuga?

Thank you for your help
Karoline Gumpert

that is a bad situation, i think there are no remote for sale because each board has its own remote. you can’t connect an new lampuga air remote. you need to cut your board :worried: and buy a new rc remote and reciver

Hi Florian,
that does not sound good.
And where do I get a new remote and reciver?

Thank you so much!

Hi Louis,

this remote i use in my selfmate jetboard,

Hey, found in this forum a guy (page 27 bottom, name: FlorianAirs) who repairs old lampugas. Maybe helpful!


Hey Jetskifreak,

I am the guy from the endless sphere forum who repair the lampuga Jetboards…
@louis Please write me a pm for more information.

Best Regards,
Florian Ziegler

Haha ok, perfect, didnt know that :wink:

Hi Florian, how can I get in touch with you privately in order to check if you can fix issues with my two Lampugas Air, old generation?

Hi Paolo,

i have send you a pm.

Hi Florian,

I have sent you two emails but never got an answer…

May be my message went in the spam?

Please note my email address is: [email protected]
Telephone number: +39 339 86 97 801

Also: in your email you wrote your mobile number but…what os your country area code?

Thanks hope top hear from you soon.