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Lampuga Support Tutorial 1 - Assembly

Now that the Lampuga Air Jetboards are finally available it is time for some tutorials. Here is the first one explaining the assembly. As explained in the video below:

  1. Spread out the deflated hull
  2. Open the valve cover, release the yellow pin and connect the pump
  3. Pump up the PVC hull slightly (20-25 strokes)
  4. Insert the power into the hull and make sure the flap underneath is overlapping.
  5. Fully pump up the hull to 1 bar / 15 psi
  6. Close and pull the clamping system tight
  7. Attach the handle with remote (unless you want to ride without handle)
  8. Make sure the connectors in the powerbox are clean and dry
  9. Inert the battery and secure it with the battery handle
  10. Insert the 2 plug & play FCS fins

You are set.