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Leif board review?

hi Andreas

can you review this? Is it any good? is it on sale?

I haven’t tried the Leif electric skateboard myself, but a friend has one and he likes it. But he owns several boards.

It is kind of unique and I would suggest to only buy this one if you own several electric skateboards.

I have 2 Evolve skateboards, 1 Onewheel and 2 cheaper ones for the kids.

Are you interested in more reviews of electric skateboards here? It is kind of electric surfing on concrete :wink:

I am considering making E-Boarder.com an “E-Skate” category on E-Surfer.com.

Good or bad idea?

Can your friend write a review? Would be helpful. i never tried anything like that. is it easier than regular eboard?

We will try to make our own review later, but the Leif board is definitely not easier to ride than other electric skateboards.

It has bindings which can cause bad crashes if you don’t get your feet out in time.

If you are big snowboard fan it is however the board which gets you closest to the feeling in snow.

Here is a good video review:

Thank you. Strange in the video he only rides straight like with a regular e-board and never actually did any snowboard turns like in lief commercial. Falling on the ground in straps must be painful. I like the idea but will stick with snowboarding.

I think you can see very well how he is pushing the board with his hips from the left to the ride (like an snowboard). It is just a tiny road. If you are snowboarding on such a small slope it would look very similar …

That review is too good even I read review of HyperOutdoor which is similar as yours one and video is extremely good anyway and HyperOutdoor do review of new brands and spread the awareness for the sports mens that is why I like to follow up the HyperOutdoor in my free time, scale rate for your skill 7

Onewheel is so much better anyways. Those micro wheels are only good for super smooth pavements. If you hit a rock it will be a huge crash