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Level Hydrofoils

A new gyro self balancing eFoil from Israel is available for pre-order. The boards are huge and addressed to beginners. It is not using an hand controller and can be accelerated by weight shifting as we know it from the Onewheel.

The self balancing can be turned off via app.

Riding time 1.5 hours
Maximum speed 35 km/h
Battery 2.2 kWh
Maximum rider weight 120 kg
mast hight 82 cm

2 models Extend (6’11 / 183 literes) and plane (6’5 / 147 litres)


A key component of Level’s FLY-BY-WIRE control system is the Active Height Sensor. Waterproof, robust, and accurate, it replaces the constant height adjustments the rider has to make. The sensor was uniquely developed for the harsh and constantly changing constraints of the marine environment.


i have so many questions…

exciting to see that finally some company took an innovative approach instead of just blatantly copying Lift and Flite… I don’t know if people really need stabilization (in my opinion efoiling is very easy at it is) but at least it is innovative. I love my Onewheel hands free ride, probably that is the biggest advantage riding without annoying remote control

Looks great! It will definitely get more people flying.
Anything known about the price?
But there are a lot of questions, you are right Mike :smiley:

I talked to them and they say they are not ready to talk yet, just testing the waters and interest at this point, so it’s not coming soon it seems but pretty interesting concept. i hope one day it comes to life.

my two main concerns are

  • it might get boring quickly for pro riders. Balancing is actually a part of the “fun factor”. If we have nothing to balance, what should we do on efoil… On the other hand Onewheel is also self balancing and I love it and it never gets old…
  • how do i even start going if there is no remote control…

Maybe a button on the board can trigger the “start sequence”? but when you can disable the self balancing then you need a remote to adjust the speed? Or they just disable roll stabilization and pitch stabilization is still active.
Another thing that is challenging will be the reaction to waves. If it measures the distance to the water like they say in the video, waves can cause a problem.
Very interesting to see if they can make it to the market.

I doubt that efoil riders will like this new invention… I think it is more for those who would have never learned efoiling, as it is much more easy to ride… But I think that is the biggest problem of it… It will get boring very fast… … So I assume the market is much smaller… I would prefer to ride the new “flyway” instead…

Hi @radinn , what is “Flyway”?

It`s a new watertoy that will hit the market soon. Basically like a motorcycle with foils that keeps you allowing high speeds over water and even possibility to dive…
You will see more coming soon :slightly_smiling_face:

As mentioned above I think the Level efoil will get boring after a while, but the video with the dog looks cool :slight_smile:

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See Flyway here.