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Liability Insurance for eFoils

I picked up a Takuma eFoil about 4 months ago and decided to look into insurance for the foil. My insurance broker is running into a dead end for coverage for both theft and liability. What is everyone doing for insurance?

It depends on the country… in portugal I use maritime insurance.
you can consult with your local marina who deal with boats and know all this stuff

Initially, I thought that I could insure as a personal water craft like a jet ski… I have Liberty Mutual in the USA and they had me get a $1,000,000 umbrella policy for liability and homeowners would cover theft.

Hi Bing,

Did you have any luck? I’m in the UK and having no luck so far in finding insurance companies. Called 20 today and all said no.

We have one in Germany which is setup just for eFoils and Jetboards:

But only for German citizens.

Gibt’s da auch Vollkasko?

Vollkasko is on the roadmap, but not yet.