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Licences available for Power Boards patented Fin Drive System

Power Boards are offering licence opportunities in the United States for their patented Fin Drive System. Fin Drive Systems is a unique, patented drive system for motorised water products. We have been using our patented fin drive system in our Power Boards products which have been on the market since 2013. Our products are robust, reliable and responsive. Fin Drive Systems can be adapted to a wide variety of water products such as surfboards, stand up paddle boards, kayaks, surf lifesaving boards, hydrofoils, inflatables etc. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information. Our fin drive system is patented in a variety of geographical areas around the world.

What are the differences with Jetson boards and Wavejet?

I can’t comment on other products but I can say that our Power Boards’ fin drive system is designed so that it allows water to pass through the specially designed tube section which is shaped to direct water flow from the propeller to a trailing end of the fin. The design of the tube section achieves greater power. The fin design acts as a jet unit but in the water. We have direct forward thrust in the water, not downward thrust onto the water, therefore giving the product more power. Our products can be surfed with or without the motor operating, therefore once battery power runs out you can still continue surfing your product as a traditional board.