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Lift eFoil 1 month review

I’ve had my foil for a month now. Fortunately, I live in central Florida where I can ride all winter long. As the water temp remains about 80 degrees F, I ride 2 or 3 times a day, usually about 20-25 minutes a ride. I have the Pro model/short board with the 170cm wings as I wanted the highest performing setup currently available.
The board is both very stable and responsive, and I think it’ll take me a good while to get completely comfortable on it. I have yet to max out the speed, and am probably riding at 17-20mph. I am definitely more comfortable with toe-side turns vs. heel-side, much like with snowboarding. And, just like snowboarding, I have to remind myself to lean forward into the turns, especially heel side where there is the tendency to “sit back.”
I am getting much better at re-gaining my balance on the board, and by decreasing the speed and using both arms for balance, am now usually able to recover before hitting the drink. It can be a challenge to both get up and ride in wind above 15-18mph, but it’s been fun to try.
As with all foils (SkySki, wakefoil) it’s best not to ride when the water is glass. You lose your height perspective, and it’s easy to breech. Sometimes when I’m heading back to my dock at the end of a ride I’ll enter an area of glassy water. I handle it by slowing down so the board is riding the water surface before I drop off the back.
The Lift is a very well made product, very solid in every respect. What we all don’t know is how long it will last. I’m hoping it’s a very long time for the amount it cost, and the fun to be had with it.

thank you for sharing, keep us posted

I agree a good note about glass.

Pure glass water is as bad as heavy chop. Ideal water is tiny ripple with minor wind making it easy to see perspective but not too choppy to ruin the under surface water flow on the wing.

Nice report. Keep it going!!!

What is your weight so that you ride the pro model?


I’m 64 years old and weigh 160#/73kg.

I was wondering if anyone out there is cutting heel side turns just as sharply as toe side? I’m getting more and more comfortable accelerating/rocketing through a toe side turn, trying to come out of it at a higher speed than going in, like accelerating out of a corner. For heel side turns, more likely than not, I’ll check the speed a little, and come out of it a bit slower than going in.
Toe side turns are fun; heel side turns are more work. I need to go out there and do 3 or 4 heel side turns/circles for every toe side in order to improve.
Another question: Anybody out there cutting sharp turns with the throttle fully down, at 25mph/40kph? I’m looking forward to getting there as I think that would be the ultimate ride, like running a slalom course on either snow or water skis.
It’s a good time to be alive, yes?

yes it’s an amazing technology. i have fliteboard but i dont go too fast, i carve around 25-30km/h max
I also love riding in sitting position (Aladdin carpet style), it’s harder than standing but you are closer to the water and feels fun as well

As you mentioned before it is like snowboarding or skateboarding where most of the people have their preferred (easier) turn. It is just a matter of practise and you will handle the heel side as good as the toe side. I agree with @Jetsurfingnation, don’t go too fast.