Lift Efoil Battery Life

I just bought a Lift3 F a couple months ago with the full range battery which says up to 100 minutes. I have read posts with people getting more than 100 minutes and I understand that there are a lot of variables. I’m around 200lb using the 4’9” board, 200v2 and 48 backswing with folding prop. Anyone in a similar setup and getting the same battery life or should I be getting more? I usually go in the ocean with waves. Also still trying to get used to surfing with the folding prop so if anyone has tips with similar setup it would be appreciated as it seems to be really hard to free surf and stay foiling. Next year I will probably invest in a HA wing

I think you are in the range. I heard now several times that Lift has had huge problems with their batteries over the past year. Many red LEDs which led to a battery replacement. They increased the price for more than 1,000 EUR for a standalone battery to absorb some of this cost.

I also heard that they changed the battery management software to allow less capacity per ride which is supposed to increase the battery life. If I am not wrong, they even changed the range from 120 minutes to 100 minutes in all their marketing material for this reason.

Thanks Ed. Sorry meant to say I am only receiving 60min while Lift claims 100min and there are some people claiming they get over a 100min.

I complained to Lift about this exact thing regarding battery life. I am 195lbs. ride 4’9" Lift 3F, 200V2 and a 32 backwing, so very similar to you. To get 40% less ride time is just not acceptable and I consider myself a proficient rider. I never expected the full 100min (let alone the 120 minute they state on their Lift app) but 40% less! That is just false advertising and marketing hype. Their answer was, “excellent result (60min), with improved rider skills, and a HA wing, removal of guard you’ll add more time”. Lame answer. So I have to spend nearly another $1000 on ‘parts’ and be professionally good to get more time. I guess if you are a non Charles Atlas weighing 150lbs you might be in contention for a 100 min ride.

Fliteboard has little bit more riding time but after all what’s the point to ride so long… Honestly I am tired at 50% and wished we had a smaller lighter battery instead of so much extra power and weight that I don’t need. You can try to ride more aggressively so you get tired faster and won’t need more riding time.

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I’ve read of several people (2 or 3) having battery problems.
The only “huge problem” is from Flite fanbois.

I’m right at 200 lbs, with the stock prop and prop guard and a Surf 250 with 50 rear I get about 70 min ride time. Though that can vary a lot if I try to ride it fast, or if I ride it to slow and am almost stalling the board.
With the folding prop and no prop guard my time comes up to 80 min.
Note I normally come in with 10% to 15% or so battery remaining.

With my HA 170, 32 Glide, and folding prop I average about 1% battery per minute of riding. Which means I stop around 90 min. I’m riding this wing much faster than the Surf 250, more around 16 mph, vs 11 mph on the surf 250.

With my HA 250, 32 Glide, and folding prop I have broke 100 min, came really close to 120 actually, but my legs were so dead by then. I just did it to see how long the battery would last.

I think around 90 min is more than enough for me.