Lift efoil battery problems: blinking yellow/ slow charging

  1. sorry, only TWO years past the warranty expiration
  2. Good LUCK with that!
  3. I have a Haibike thats 6 y/o and a direct drive hub tadpole trike that’s 8 yrs and kicking and still at 80% oem charge levels.
    Both are at a “now” very low 36v when batteries did and do last infinitely longer than the now often much faster drawing motors (25mph through water vs air on a bike, duh) and higher (56v+) do.
    And what voltage are those Optibikes? uh huh :wink:
    I have some 12v power tool ni-cads that are 15+ years old and still kicking. Maybe we should tell Lift about them!
    IF you really understood it way better than me then you’d have an inclining that the higher draw motors, and much higher voltages are much more problematic and wear out batteries much faster.
    But you don’t seem to…
    but it’s the internet so you can just talk like you know what you are talking about.

Yes, you are right, very right, 100% right, please forgive my dumbness.

P.S. That was sarcasm, do not talk to me again as I don’t enjoy people that don’t add to a conversation. Farewell and goodbye.

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Good riddance there mate!!

Did you have any luck with the BMS? I have 2 old batteries that I’m working on. I have replaced the bad cells but still can’t get it to work. So I’m guessing both of my BMS boards are bad?

I charged my battery for about an hour and when I got back the battery was flashing red lights. I’m sure the battery is not low and am just wondering what the issue could be

Had a red blinking lights also on my lift.
I decided to let the battery repaired.
See photo’s
Cost was 1000,- euro

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Could you tell us how and where you got this done by any chance?



Guy to speak to is Jos Lenssen

Rgds Obbe

Hi Obbe,

it looks very professional, how the battery was opened. It was done by the guys of Battery fact Nijmegen?
Did they change cells or parts of the bms? What did they tell you for the 1000 Euro? :slight_smile:
My battery is loosing ways too much charge within 2 weeks. If the guys from Battery fact can repair the lift battery without a big destruction, that would be wonderful.

Thanks for your post!


As far as they told me, they changed the cells.
When it was ready, all leds where out, i connected the charger and after the click of the relais green lights for 1/3 of the leds.
You can mail or call mr Jos Lensen and ask if they did more then changing the cells.

rgds Obbe