Lift efoil battery problems: blinking yellow/ slow charging

I have 2 Lift efoil batteries that after the last update they started discharging over night/charging real slowly with yellow blinking lights/2 yellow lights on each end of light strip when connected inside board. I performed battery reset. Batteries only have 28 charges on them. Lift customer service told me my one year warranty was up. My remote also was not working properly after Lifts update. Whats going on with Lifts expensive battery packs?

This seems to be a common problem with the Lift batteries. I have a couple of friends who needed a replacement because of red LEDs. One year warranty is far below the standard. Fliteboard for example gives 2 years.

Did you notice that Lift Foils increased the battery pricing of the batteries for more than 1,000 EUR since last year? It is the same battery. I assume they needed to increase the price because they have to replace so many.

Yes, a 1,000 EUR increase in just one year is quite surprising, but your explanation makes sense.

Yellow LEDs usually mean that the battery cells are not balanced. I would try to charge them as much as you can. Let them sit for 2 days off the charger and charge them again. May be another battery reset. It’s worth a try for such an expensive battery.

However if the battery LEDs turn red it means game over.

wow 5300 just for battery alone?? That is almost as pwrfoil or waydoo efoil whole cost. Why it became so expensive? That’s just crazy

Fliteboard battery is 2700 and 3020 + vat

Mahalo, so what causes a battery to become unbalanced? These batteries were like my children, babied and well taken cared of.

Hi @Foilwahine , it can happen when you did not use them for a while.

Is it possible for an unbalanced battery to recover or is it heading to its grave? Mahalo forv your help.

If unbalanced cells are the problem here then they should be able to recover. I would continue to write the Lift support.

Mahalo for your help. Appreciate

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