Lift efoil battery problems: blinking yellow/ slow charging

I have 2 Lift efoil batteries that after the last update they started discharging over night/charging real slowly with yellow blinking lights/2 yellow lights on each end of light strip when connected inside board. I performed battery reset. Batteries only have 28 charges on them. Lift customer service told me my one year warranty was up. My remote also was not working properly after Lifts update. Whats going on with Lifts expensive battery packs?

This seems to be a common problem with the Lift batteries. I have a couple of friends who needed a replacement because of red LEDs. One year warranty is far below the standard. Fliteboard for example gives 2 years.

Did you notice that Lift Foils increased the battery pricing of the batteries for more than 1,000 EUR since last year? It is the same battery. I assume they needed to increase the price because they have to replace so many.

Yes, a 1,000 EUR increase in just one year is quite surprising, but your explanation makes sense.

Yellow LEDs usually mean that the battery cells are not balanced. I would try to charge them as much as you can. Let them sit for 2 days off the charger and charge them again. May be another battery reset. It’s worth a try for such an expensive battery.

However if the battery LEDs turn red it means game over.

wow 5300 just for battery alone?? That is almost as pwrfoil or waydoo efoil whole cost. Why it became so expensive? That’s just crazy

Fliteboard battery is 2700 and 3020 + vat

Mahalo, so what causes a battery to become unbalanced? These batteries were like my children, babied and well taken cared of.

Hi @Foilwahine , it can happen when you did not use them for a while.

Is it possible for an unbalanced battery to recover or is it heading to its grave? Mahalo forv your help.

If unbalanced cells are the problem here then they should be able to recover. I would continue to write the Lift support.

Mahalo for your help. Appreciate

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I just had a battery gone bad. Red LEDs and won’t take a charge. Checked the voltage and under 1v. Wondering if ‘jumping the battery’ i.e. connecting with a power supply at 50v may reset/wake up the BMS and allow for charge. I’ve been reading some lithium battery safeguards if charge depletes and auto sleeps.

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How would you do that? The “jumping the battery”. I have a battery with red flashing LEDs. It probably has 15 hours on it so this is way messed up.

I would strongly recommend not to experiment with the batteries. There is a reason why the battery management system decided to switch it off (red LEDs).

If you overpower the cells there is a potential risk of fire.

Jumping the battery won’t work as there is a solenoid/relay within the battery that prevents charge/discharge when disconnected. I did take the battery to a local lithium battery builder who took a look to see if possibly anything can be done. Their recommendation - wait until the battery is totally drained (when the red lights are no longer blinking). Try charging again, hopefully the BMS will wake up a reset. I will be trying this and will report back - no high hopes but it’s worth a shot. Already purchased a new battery from Lift.

Hi guys- I have 2 lift foils I purchased in June 2020. I had one battery fail in June 2021 with less than 30 cycles on it, and it was replaced under warranty.
I am mechanically inclined, so I carefully split the case and inspected the cels inside. A couple of the 18650 cels had dropped below the voltage that the system would allow. I directly charged those cels VERY slowly at 1.5 amps until they got up to nominal voltage, and then the charger would engage and charge it. I resealed the case with silicone, and have used that battery for the past year. It finally dies about a month ago- the bad cels won’t take a charge anymore.
About a week after that, my remaining original battery gave me the yellow/violet leds, and then turned off entirely. I tried all the manufacturer suggested tricks, to no avail. My father is an electrical engineer and we are tracing out the BMS board to see if there is part of the board that went bad. It appears a transistor may be faulty, as the bms is not getting voltage from
The 12V input to the power terminals. More news as that develops.
I don’t not recommend opening your battery- there’s a huge amount of energy in that case, but if you do, there’s a possibility it’s salvageable.
I complained about losing 2 batteries in 2 years, they said I was way out of warranty and would offer me $1000 off the battery price for a replacement. After getting a manager on the line, I suggested the extend my warranty to 2 years as they had with all current customers, and he agreed. they covered the battery under warranty, which I received today.
They indicated they have changed a number of designs in the battery to address these previous problems. You should charge your battery every few weeks- especially if not used in the winter.

Hope that helps.


Hi Thom, I live in Brazil and it is impossible to buy a new battery from here, mine does not charge anymore and it has less then 50 cycles but was left unused for almost two years because of the covid. Can you give details on how you open yours? I know the risks of short circuit and I am well versed on electronics.
Thank you

I too have been having these charging issues with my Lift battery, and have submitted the customer service form on the Lift website half a dozen times over the last year asking them whether there is anything to be done - I have never received any acknowledgement of my question, let alone any helpful answers. Has anyone else had this problem even getting them to respond ?

I’ve got a reply from them. Bought mine in 2019 and they did not back their product, even I had less then 50 cycles. They offered a 500 dollars discount if I buy a new one.

No, Lifts battery is the same price it was when I purchased my board 2 years ago.
Fliteboard fanbois are as bad as Teslas.

4 years old and sat for 2.
And you expect warranty for that?
Do you understand the nature of LI battery packs?

1- It is not 4 years, mine is Sep 2019, redo your math.
2- I always expect a company to honor its products when they fail, warranty voided or not.
3- I probably understand it way more better then you but I don’t want to argue about that, it is useless.
But I do want to say that I bought two Optibikes in 2010, yes, 12 years ago, they both were left for much longer time then the Lift without charging in these TWELVE years and, dude…, they both still hold charge for the whole mountain biking day.
So, even if I did not understand s$%# about Lithium batteries I can compare the cells quality by this example.

If you are happy on having your products brake on you like this, be my guest but, c’mon… Not everyone prints their own money :slight_smile:

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