Slow charging/ yellow blinking lights

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Hey Thom, thanks for posting. I also bought 2 Lift boards/batteries in 2020. Both batteries at only 28 charges went bad. I was also told from Lift that they were out of it’s 1 year warranty and the best they can do is give me 1/2 off off of my next battery. I was also told that "their records shows that i didn’t buy my batteries from them that i bought them from Real Sports " then i emailed back to Lift with proof of purchase receipt that i bought everything from Lift $25,000. Makes me wonder now… where Lift is actually getting their batteries and selling them as theirs! Yes, I’m pissed ! I finally took my both batteries to a battery lab that told me there are dead cells within these battery packs. Who is actually building these crappy cheap battery packs ?? Are they buying these cheap cells from China?? and why is Lift selling these cheap batteries to their customers and claiming high quality! Lift… you need to make right with your customers!

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