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Lift eFoil Battery temps when charged

I try to not charge my battery on the same day I ride, as it tends to be better for batteries, same practice I take with my ego lawn equipment. I also have the Zarges fireproof storage box for my lift battery. I keep the battery in my garage, which stays between 75 and 80 deg F (24 to 27 C).
If I put the fully charged battery in the Zarges case at bed time, with the battery around 80 deg (27), when I get up in the morning and open the case the battery will be around 105 to 115 deg (40 to 46). If I take the battery out of the case and set it in the floor of my garage, after an hour or so it will be back down to 80 deg (27).
It seams the Zarges box does good at insulating, holding the heat in.
Just wondering what others experience with the Zarges box and fully charged batteries is. Is this typical?


It took me some days to check, but I had a fully charged battery in the Zarges case as well. The temperature was normal and not warmer than expected. However it might be that the software is just releasing some energy once in a while. To be on the safe side I would check with Lift support.

Andreas, thanks for getting back to me! This is good to know.

I opened a support ticket over a week ago, still waiting to hear back. I did call and talk to a sales guy, who assured me, in an unsure voice, that this was normal. I do want to talk to someone from support to be sure. In July this battery failed for 3 weeks, would not charge nor operate the board. It was showing a ’ FailedThermistor’ fault. When support asked me to submit a video of what the battery was doing, it just worked, and accepted a charge.

If your battery is not heating up, it does worry me that the Thermistor may still be faulty in this battery.

I use the box and it does heat up inside, while charging. But usually only about 10°C (30°F) above the outside air temperature;-)

Thanks for the reply OliL. I could see mine heating up that much if I charged it in the box. Luckily I have a space where I can charge mine out in the open.
I’m changing my routine, I’m charging on the same day I ride, as long as I can give the battery a few hrs between charging and riding.
I’ve tried this a few times, and my ride time goes up by alomost 20% when the battery isn’t heat soaked from sitting in the Zarges box all night.
I’ll save the charging the day before for Sunrise sets.

I just wanted to add that the battery only heats up in the Zarges case when I store it fully charged. If I put the battery in the Zarges case with only a 10% or 20% charge it does not head up at all.

Just wanted to follow up and let everyone know that this was not normal, as Andreas pointed out. I opened a support ticket and the battery started showing other signs of problems, like noticeably shorter ride times. I was working with lift on a warranty claim for the battery when it threw another ’ FailedThermistor’ fault and stopped working. Lift was great about honoring the warranty and I have a new battery.
I can say that now when I fully charge the battery then let it cool for an hr or so, I can place it in the Zarges box, and like Andreas, it does not heat up at all.

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Thanks for the update! Keep eFoil riding …

not sure if its normal but my battery never heats up works great, after i fully charge it I feel it and it feels cool,I charge it in the open in a cover boat house…