Lift eFoil motor won’t chime

Had my 2nd problem with my Lift eFoil after about a 100 rides. Already had the lack of blue light problem (replaced the 9v which fixed). Now having different problem about 5 months later. On startup you usually have the blue light come on, then here a loud click from the battery, then you get two beeps, signaling everything is working. I have been having connectivity issues lately where I would hear a beep from the board and would lose power. Gave all of my connectors a thorough clean and used some ReelX as suggested. Now on starting, blue light comes on solid, battery clicks, but no beeps. Remote connects, shows 99% power, but nothing happens when I pull the trigger. Any idea which cable is the problem? Could it be something else?

Ended up being the electronics box. Lift sent me a new one under warranty, back up and running :slight_smile:

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