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Lift Efoil Remote Malfunctioning - 2828 error

I’m receiving an error on the remote that blinks ‘2828’ - here is a 14 second video showing the issue. Interesting part is that the engine is registering at 50% power while the trigger is not being touched. The motor does respond and increase power when the trigger is engaged.

Has anyone come across this issue with the Lift eFoil remote? Believe it needs an update or a hard reset but I’m having a hard time connecting the board or remote to an iPhone via bluetooth.

These are the instructions I’ve followed attempting to connect the remote to my phone with no luck. Thanks in advance!

Hi @clint.warber, I can’t see the video. You would need to upload a video on Youtube and share the link here. Or upload a photo of the display.

You can do a hardware reset 2 ways:

  1. Give the remote a bump on a table or the ground. Just not too hard :wink:

  2. Take out the batteries for 30 seconds. Don’t wonder if the display is still on without batteries. This is because it is an e-paper display.


Hi @Andreas - here is the video link:

Did you try to power off the board, disconnect the main battery and take out the batteries from the remote for 30 seconds?

I have never had such a case. If the above does not help you should contact the Lift support.