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Lift eFoil with High Aspect wings

Anyone here tried the new HA wings on their eFoil?

I am also curious about any experience with the folding prop. How different is the ride with this vs. regular prop?


Looks like a question for @Bernd.

Bernd, can you share your experience?

I am absolutely loving it, folding prop + HA wing is the ultimate ride and takes efoiling to a whole new level. These days I am riding my 5’0 almost exclusively on HAs and with folding prop. It opens up efoiling to a whole other dimension!

Pirating wakes and riding them powered off, riding waves (Baltic Sea!!!), going slow with ultra high maneuverability, going for distance (Max is 2h on foil on one battery), learning to pump the efoil, getting powered into downwind sessions that will last forever, finishing every ride with an unpowered glide to a spectacular stop…

The folding prop alone increases efficiency by 20% (mostly due to not having a duct). 250HA took my riding time from 1h40 on 250surf to 2h per battery.

The downside to both folding prop and HA wings… they are not suited for beginners. In particular the HA wings are much less tolerant to mistakes (you will easily stall if you don’t level the board, board drops like a stone if angle of attack is too high, the fickleness of the 25HA stabilizer might drive some people crazy).

But again, it’s all worth it!

My review of the 250HA

My review of the 170HA

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Well, links don’t show…
You’ll find them on my Instagram

Earlier today…

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Hi Bernd,

Most helpful!! I went through your Instagram as well. 250 HA arriving tomorrow. I got the 40 stabilizer as this was what Lift recommended. I am looking to ride boat wakes and the smallest wind swell in the inland waters in Denmark. However, a 200 HA may be in my future as well as we do have some waist to chest high surf at some spots further away on the west coast in Denmark (Cold Hawaii). Probably a smaller stabilizer for the 200 HA but maybe not going all the way down to 25 :-). I have quite a bit of foil experience with the kite but my wave surfing experience is quite limited.

Also getting folding propeller tomorrow. Not quite sure how I will procede. I am thinking of taking it stepwise to appreciate the benefits og the different components (take prop guard of, install folding prop, 250 HA wing). Which order do you suggest I procede in?

I am same weight as you and riding 4’4’’ board.



Sorry, didn’t find a quick way to answer and then forgot. Anyway, I am back here…
I guess there is no wrong way here, it becomes more about your progression as a rider from here on.

I would go folding prop first and ride the foils you are used to for a session or two and feel how much that already speeds you up + how much more responsiveness this will give you. Then I would go 250HA. No real need for the intermediate step normal prop minus the duct. You probably won’t go back to the old prop anyway… I think the 250HA+40surf might give you a more stable feeling that might be easy to get into (given you are already riding a pro). Then ride it a while and then go off trigger, too (in wakes or without anything doesn’t matter in the beginning…).

I love the 250HA+25HA now, took a couple of sessions but now I am comfortable with this combo. Now, 170HA+25HA still feels very twitchy, if a fly lands on my shoulder I am already doing an aggressive turn to that side… This thing is wild. But I am starting to appreciate this feeling…